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  • The OCA fully meets and is directly mapped to the National Occupational Standards.

  • ‘Other qualities’ is key part of competence as defined by some specific legislation. EMPI Awards OCA addresses other qualities where other assessments of competence do not. Other qualities have a direct bearing on the final grade of achievement. However, achievement of VQs, other occupational assessments & CPD may also contribute to the final grade.


  • The final grade is largely derived from knowledge & understanding based on a detailed, structured discussion between the assessor and the employee in addition to a comprehensive observation of performance.


  • The OCA allows for progression along with development as it contains three grades of achievement: Pass, Credit & Distinction


  • The OCA does not use a complex two-tier system for ‘trained’ (red) or ‘competent’ (blue) cards or the achievement of a VQ. If an employee is competent, then they are competent – you only pay once.


  • Site operator/employer owns the demonstration of competence as it is their duty to ensure the competence of employees on items of plant and site(s).


  • EMPI Awards will not engage in the assessment or delivery of OCA, as this could create a potential or perceived conflict of interest. EMPI Awards will however, develop; update and quality assure the assessments carried out by all third parties.

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