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EPA will comprise the following:

Workplace Observation (Duration: 6 hours +/- 10% at the discretion of the assessor)

Apprentices must be observed in the workplace over the course of a normal working day, under typical working conditions, within your team including breaks as per the Working Time Directive. The End Point Assessor will select the date in conjunction with your manager or supervisor to allow opportunity for for all the required Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours to be assessed. The apprentice must be observed acting as a member of a team or gang, by the End Point Assessor removing an old road surface and laying and compacting a new road surface as part of your team. As part of this process you are required to demonstrate use of plant machinery.


The End Point Assessor will select either:

  • Planer or

  • Paver

And any three machines from the following:

  • Roller

  • Chipper

  • Loading Shovel

  • Disc Cutter

  • Breaker

  • Floor Saw

  • Compactor Plate

It is expected that you will perform your duties working within your team so that team-working abilities can be assessed. However, you must be observed operating the machinery independently in order to demonstrate full command of their use. If the observation has to be halted for any reasons beyond the apprentice's control, the observation can be restarted or rearranged at the discretion of the End Point Assessor.

Following the assessment the End Point Assessor must ask 8 open questions to assess background knowledge relating to the tasks you have carried out, with an emphasis on health and safety and associated regulations. 30 minutes will be allocated to this questioning upon completion of the observation. The End Point Assessor must pre-select the questions from a question bank maintained by EMPI Awards.

Follow-up questions may be asked if clarification is required. Knowledge, skills & behaviours observed and answers to questions will be recorded by the End Point Assessor.

Professional Discussion (Duration: one hour + 10 minutes at the discretion of the independent assessor).The End Point Assessor will conduct a professional discussion with the you. This will be conducted on a 1:1 basis in a controlled environment, free from distraction or influence. The discussion will be recorded. Your portfolio of evidence will be used to provide evidence to support the discussion. The End Point Assessor will pre-select 10 standardised questions from the EMPI Awards question bank, based on the review of the portfolio. Follow-up questions will be asked to probe further or to seek clarification. All discussion questions will be pre-selected to ensure sufficient coverage of all the Knowledge Skills & Behaviours.

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