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EPA will comprise the following:


A knowledge assessment consisting of 30 multi-choice questions picked at random from a question bank of at least 90 questions to assess the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours as described in the Standard.  The knowledge assessment will be supervised and conducted at the workplace as part of the overall end point assessment and will be subject to time constraints of 60 minutes. The pass rate is 80% and 100% for a distinction.


An observation of practical skills, under normal working and operational conditions will be undertaken at the workplace of the apprentice covering:

  • the full range of pre-operational functions

  • performing operational tasks

  • post-operational activities

  • completion of relevant documentation

  • routine maintenance inspections


A professional interview between the End Point Assessor and the apprentice. The interview will take place preferably at the workplace as part of the overall End Point Assessment process, the duration of the interview will be no less than one hour and no more than two hours. The End Point Assessment will cover in total the requirements of the Apprenticeship Standard. It will showcase the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprentice.

Our End Point Assessment Organisation is truly independent from any commercial training activities conducted in connection with Apprenticeship delivery.

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