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With the focus on the number of reported mixer rollovers from the Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom Minister of Roads and Local Transport, this picture was sent of an incident this week in Devon. With a remit to understand the nature and true extent of mixer rollovers, many of these incidents are recorded as a single vehicle RTC involving an HGV, with no reference to the vehicle being a Mixer. Figures vary between 25-40 per year - an unfathomable amount of incidents that, incredibly, our sector accepts year on year.

Last year, when writing the Concrete Operational Module with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), one of the areas involved was the role of the Transport Manager or responsible person and their role in proactively dealing with rollover incidents. Rollover prevention courses and training for drivers, transport staff and managers also feature a record of the content overview, frequency and confirmation that it's been understood. While the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State understands the need to reduce and eliminate mixer rollovers, what effect will that have on the training our industry insists on? As the guidance is available on the GOV.UK website, it could be used in a PI if you're called to one.

We continually update our MixerSURE© training and provide everything you need to meet the requirements of the DVSA and the Traffic Commissioner. "How are issues recorded and monitored for trends to ensure lessons are learnt? Give an example of the last recorded incident." What lessons have you learnt when it comes to mixer rollovers?

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